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Current Promotions

Upgrade from Synergy Standard to Synergy Advanced for $500 + GST

Upgrade your current Synergy Standard system to Synergy Advanced (which adds Stock Control & Cashbook).

Multi Site Discount

If you are an existing Synergy client, talk to us about special pricing for your new business. We offer great deals to owners with multiple companies running Synergy software solutions.

Please note that the MTA membership 15% discount does not apply if you have received a multi site discount.

15% discount for MTA members

All current MTA members will receive a 15% discount on all new Synergy software core product purchases.

Please note that if you have already received a multi user site 25% discount then the 15% MTA membership discount will not apply. Discounts do not apply retrospectively and your MTA membership status must be declared prior to receiving a product quotation from Synergy.

10% finders fee

If you refer an organisation to Synergy and that organisation then purchases a Synergy software product you could receive 10% of the value of that product in the form of a credit. You will then be able to redeem that credit to pay for support, upgrade renewals, software etc. Contact us for more information.

Database conversions from your existing accounting software package

When purchasing Synergy for the first time we will can convert information from your existing accounting software so that it will work with your new Synergy product. Contact us for more information.