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Synergy Support


Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can help with your software support queries.

For Synergy support phone 0800 333 500 or email

Synergy Support Saves You Time & Money:

We keep an extensive knowledge base of information that allows our expert support staff to quickly identify whether an issue is hardware, network, operating system or software related. We use support tools that enable our support staff to take control of systems remotely in order to fix issues our clients may be experiencing. In this way we have been able to decrease our clients support costs by minimising the requirement for local IT support on site.

Minimum System Requirements:

Specs herein are in relation to our currently supported software versions (v10 and v11), earlier versions of Synergy are no longer supported and may require upgrading to receive assistance.

Only Microsoft Windows based operating systems are supported; Windows 7 or higher (earlier operating systems, along with 'basic', 'home' and 'server' operating systems are not supported).

Windows 8: To run Synergy on Windows 8, you must be running at least Synergy Version 10. If you are running an older version you will need to upgrade to version 10. Please contact us on 0800 333 500 to discuss further. Synergy PumpLink is not, at this stage, supported on Windows 8 - as further testing of the forecourt control under Windows 8 is required.

For Synergy V10 and above we recommend the following specifications as a minimum:
Operating System: Windows XP (Professional), Windows Vista & Windows 7 (Business / Enterprise or Ultimate).
RAM: 512MB on Windows XP, 1GB on Windows Vista & Windows 7
Free Hard Disk Space: 2GB
Processor Speed: 1.5Ghz
Resolution: Minimum 1280 x 1024

For Synergy POSLink v10 and above (our touchscreen ready versions) we recommend Windows 7 or above (only non 'Home' versions); Windows XP has known issues with display and operation of POSLink touchscreen controls.

**Synergy has been implemented in systems using Windows Server 2003 & 2008 - however, additional technical consultation may be required for such systems due to the highly flexible nature of their configuration and permissions. As above, Windows Server operating systems are not supported and we cannot guarantee stability or compatibility of the software in such environments.

Inkjet / bubblejet printers, although successfully implemented, are not supported.

Synergy is only supported on wired / ethernet networks, wireless networks are not supported.

Synergy supports the latest two versions of Auto Shop and Financials. If you are running an older version and require support you may need to upgrade to the latest version before support can be provided.

For opening documents exported from Synergy in Excel format, you will need Excel 2000 or later. To open pdf documents exported from Synergy you should download the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader, a link to this is available on our Downloads page.

Before You Call Software Support:

Our Technical support team can offer you assistance with your Synergy program. Please note that this support covers the operation, commands and functionality of the Synergy Software range of software only. While we will try identify and help resolve hardware or operating system based faults - you may be required to contact your system administrator or hardware vendor.

Before you call our support line, please take the time to look at the following:

  1. The user’s manual has step by step instructions on how to setup your system so it runs the way you want it to.
  2. It’s helpful if you call from your computer (or the main server if applicable) ready to follow any instructions from our support staff.
  3. Try to recall exactly what you were doing when the problem occurred
  4. Note the exact wording of any message that was displayed.
  5. Have paper and pen ready to record any instructions or advice you are given or to take notes.

Our support staff are ready and happy to help with any queries you might have - call 0800 333 500.

Please Note: Support charges apply to sites not covered by a Support & Maintenance Plan (SMP).