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Synergy Support


Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can help with your software support queries.

For Synergy support phone 09 583 2455 or email

Please Note: Support charges apply to sites not covered by a Support & Maintenance Plan (SMP).

Synergy Support Saves You Time & Money:

We curate an extensive knowledge base of information that allows our expert support staff to efficiently respond to our customers' support queries. We use support tools that enable our support staff share control of systems remotely in order to analyse and resolve issues our clients may be experiencing.

Minimum System Requirements:

For minimum system requirements please see our Knowledge Base article here.

Before You Call Software Support:

Our Technical support team can offer you assistance with your Synergy program. Please note that this support covers the operation, commands and functionality of the Synergy Software range of software only. While we will try identify if the cause is hardware, network or operating system based - you may be required to contact your system administrator or hardware vendor.

Before you call our support line, please take the time to look at the following:

  1. The Knowledge Base may offer the answer to your query.
  2. It’s helpful if you call from your computer (or the main server if applicable) ready to follow any instructions from our support staff.
  3. Try to recall exactly what you were doing when the problem occurred
  4. Note the exact wording of any message that was displayed.
  5. Have paper and pen ready to record any instructions or advice you are given or to take notes.

Our support staff are ready to help with any queries you might have - call 09 583 2455.